Sparks of Hope Dinner Auction & Gala

Please join us on the red carpet for our annual Dinner, Auction & Gala along with Emcee, KGW’s news anchor Cathy Marshall, Auctioneer Kelly Russell, and entertainment by… read more »

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower children who are survivors of abuse to thrive by providing special services to encourage hope, and by creating opportunities that will develop trust and healing so they can achieve lifelong success.

To accomplish our mission, we grant wishes to these children.  Abused children usually only wish for the simplest gifts, such as a new pair of shoes, musical instruments, lessons, or a birthday party.  The simple things we take for granted can be the very thing they never have had the opportunity to experience.

To encourage continued healing and success, we offer mentoring and healing camps to teach them to move in their healing journey from victim to survivor, survivor to thriver, and from thriver to mentor.  These life skills will allow them to one day be mentors themselves.

Our Healing Camps

Why Healing Camp?

We assist children and teens to overcome the barriers they face as survivors of abuse to become successful young adults.  Without early… read more »

Our Founder

Lee Ann Mead’s crusade to help child survivors break their silence, use their voice and help them take back their childhood and their power has been formidable.  She strongly believes that teaching child survivors to use healthy power and creative ways to heal is essential.  Since starting the organization in 2011, she has become a fierce advocate for child abuse survivors (young and old) everywhere.  She founded Sparks of Hope® based on her own personal story of childhood sexual abuse.

Lee Ann Mead

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